Do you want to be your own boss and start your own business
Are you confident and deep down inside you, know that you can do it?  But just need a bit of guidance to show where to start?
If so then this program is for you.
Hello and welcome to our Futurpreneurs Start up program.
This is a series of  short videos and worksheets especially designed to provide basic, practical guidance to anyone who is looking at starting their own business.
The information in this program specifically focuses on the planning you need to do before even starting your business. We will explore 9 essential steps, as you complete each step you are closer to creating your business reality.


Let take a look at the steps we will cover

Step 1 – Put on your reality hat. Are you ready to start a business? What skills do you need? What skills have you got? What skills can you access?
Step 2 – Test your business idea. Does it work? Does it fill a need? Do users value it? Can you make money from it?
Step 3 – Market research. It’s great that your Mum likes it but she probably won’t pay you for it. And you’ve only got one Mum. You need to sell 10,000 of your doo-dads in your first year. Who needs a doo-dad anyway? How much will they pay for it? Will they cross the road to get one? Do they prefer to shop online? What about all those other doo-dads out there?
Step 4 – Plan your business needs. Skills. Space. Technology. What does it need to start? What does it need when you get your first orders? What does it need a year down the track?
Step 5 – Plan your money needs. Do you need to develop and refine your product? What will production cost you? What will producing twice as much cost you? What will your sales cost? Have you heard about cashflow? Will you get paid up front or send an invoice at the end of the month? Where will your money come from? How much do you need in reserve? How will track your money?
Step 6 – Plan your marketing strategy. How will you insert your doo-dad in the marketplace? Do you need point of sale material? Press campaigns? Website blogs? Does your business name and logo support your strategy. What guarantees of quality and service will help position your doo-dads ahead of their doo-dads?
Step 7 – Plan your selling. Who will sell? What will be your most profitable sales channel? What customer support will you need? What volumes do you need? What are your price points? What incentives work? What are the seasonal variations? What is the selling cost of each doo-dad?
Step 8- Plan away the risks. Murphy’s Law has been proven many times. If it can go wrong, sooner or later it will. Does it have to go wrong? Scenario or what-if planning can head off trouble at the pass. Plan to head it off.
Step 9 – Just plan! It’s not so hard really. It’s what you’ve been doing in your head since your idea came to you. But this is serious now. It’s not a plan if it’s not written down. It’s your guide to business.

Format of the program

You will be working through a series of videos. We have kept these videos short no longer than 3-4 minutes.  Each video will give you a basic overview of the topic, refer to resources and then ask you to complete a couple of tasks.  Each task you complete will be helping you develop the information you need to construct your business plan. Each exercise should take you around 30 -60 minutes or so. If you have any questions you can post your questions on our  Forum and one of our mentors will get back to you with answers.  To be a part of our forum you must register at
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